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Draw Knives: The Wonderful World of Wood Eaters

By Abe Elias Drawknives come in many styles and are a woodworker’s delight Knives take on many shapes and sizes. As tools, their designs sometimes focus on specific tasks. In the case of the drawknife, it...

IT’S ALIVE! The Living Knife by Jean-Marc Laroche will grab you—literally

“A knife capable of movement and gifted with intelligence …” —Jean-Marc Laroche “On fitting your hand into that of the knife, you already feel a strange clasping in response when, suddenly, the mechanical fingers close! You...

Offset Kitchen Knife Handles? We Test 3 of Them.

The offset handle may just save your skin during meal prep Most will agree that offset handles on kitchen knives look just a bit funky, but have you ever pondered why the unusual “stepped design”...

The Best Boning Knives

Editor’s note: The author (Josh Wayner) spent the better part of five years working in a high-end specialty butcher shop in coastal west Michigan. That shop is no longer in business, though what he...

What’s New: The Latest Kitchen Knives, Sporting Cutlery and More

What's New: The Latest Kitchen Knives, Sporting Cutlery and More PATTERN: Gyuto chef's knife BLADE LENGTH: 10" BLADE MATERIAL: 1095 spring steel ROCKWELL HARDNESS: 62 HRC BLADE THICKNESS AT ITS THICKEST: .09" BLÀDE WIDTH AT ITS WIDEST:17/8" HANDLE MATERIAL: Dyed maple...

Modern Tactical Knives

No matter the mission, one of these sharp tactical knives can cut it. Originally conceived for law enforcement and military and rescue personnel, tactical knives quickly found their way into the hands of those looking...

Gent’s Knives for 2022

Today’s gent’s knives are what they are instead of what they used to be.  In years past, there was a genre of knife small, fancy and unobtrusive. It went by gent’s knife or Sunday-go-to-meeting knife,...

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