Knife Collecting

Knife collecting is an extremely rewarding experience for knife enthusiasts. There truly is a knife for everyone. Many increase or hold their value throughout the years, making collecting knives something to pass on to the next generation of knife collectors.

custom knife collecting

Knife Collecting Alert: 6 Knifemakers to Watch

Custom knife collectors should keep an eye out for blades by these six knifemakers from around the world.
custom hunting knife

Photos: What Steels Do Custom Knifemakers Use?

Custom knifemakers can use any steels they like. However, some steels continue to see use year after year. Here are a few great examples.
custom knives

Photos: New Custom Knives to Knock Your Socks Off

These custom knives are new and innovative. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, you'll see why.
civil war sword values

How Much is a U.S. President’s Sword Worth?

Antique sword values for U.S. presidents' pieces vary by provenance, historical significance and context. Here's one example, a sword owned by President Grant, that sold for $330,000.
joe musso bowie knife reproduction

Knife Collecting: The Allure of Bowie Knives

Why do people collect bowie knives? It's all about history, design and larger-than-life legends.
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Tell BLADE About the Knives You Love the Most

Help celebrate Valentine's Day by telling BLADE about the knife you love the most.
California compliant automatic knife bear ops

Photos: New Automatic Knives Appeal to New Collectors

As U.S. states relax automatic knife restrictions, new models hitting the scene focus on converting collectors and enthusiasts into fans.