Knifemaking is the building of a knife, which includes the blade, handle and other accouterments. Blades are made by either removing metal from a steel blank via a grinder – known as stock removal – and the forging to shape of hot steel into a blade in the process known as bladesmithing. Other parts, including bolsters, guards, pommels, etc., are needed to complete the finished knife.

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How to Make a Sword

by Don Fogg The time is right for a new age of swords. It is not the need for weapons that stimulates this resurgence, but rather a convergence of interests, that of the modern swordsman...

ABS Knife Auction – 2012 Journeyman Smith Knife of the Year

The 2012 ABS Journeyman Smith Knife of the Year is by Karl B. Andersen, JS. It is part of the 2012 at the ABS Knife Auction set for June 9, 2012 at the Blade...

Knife Book Of The Day I

     If you've ever seen Murray Carter give a sharpening display at his knife show table, shave his beard—or someone's head—with one of his knives at a BLADE Show seminar or just talked to...