Dellana Dot system

How To: Dellana Dots Opening System

Dellana tells how she created and makes the Dellana Dots opening assist system—without a lathe.
Jared Oeser—here critiquing a show patron’s knife

What Do Judges Look At In Custom Knife Competitions?

Know some of the criteria judges use to evaluate custom knives.
The knife was inspired by the Black Widow Spider

Daniel O’Connor Goes With The Flow On His Black Widow

A suski knife that developed a taste for Texas brisket.
Grinding at Blade University

2024 BLADE University: Classes That Keep You Sharp

Get your bachelor's of state-of-the-art degree at the 11th Annual BLADE University. The state-of-the-art in all things knife, including the latest in mosaic damascus steel,...

The Tony Test: Lockback Whittlers

Tony Bose said if you can make a lockback whittler, you have arrived as a knifemaker.
taka v2s

Cool Custom: Brian Brown’s Taka v2s

Not one of his everyday builds, the Taka v2s by Brian Brown features a notable blade, handle and lock.
Jantz Knife Supply

Jantz Knife Supply: Providing Everything Required To Make Knives

Jantz is a crucial source for many who fashion knives.
Ray Rybar's Prospector handle

Cool Custom: Ray Rybar’s Prospector Push Dagger Strikes It Rich

Sourced from Geronimo country Rybar's Prospector dagger and bolo combo prove pure gold.
James Bishop: Death Watch Dagger

Custom Dagger: Double-Edged Gems That Get To The Point

These classic custom daggers dare the steal the show.
Peddinghous 220-pound solid steel anvil

Shop Dump: Murray Carter’s Tools Stick To His Knifemaking Roots

Carter's training at the elbow of a Japanese master smith shows in his shop.
The dropped hunter, the most famous Bob Loveless design of all

Bob Loveless: The Icon’s Indelible Mark On The Knife Industry

Loveless' impact is still felt today.
Tire Hammer Clutch

How To Build A Tire Hammer

A clutch player in the knifemaker's shop, the tire hammer gives more control than other D.I.Y. power hammers. Like a variable-speed hand drill, your backyard...
Wilmont TAG 101 grinder

Shop Dump: Where Dmitriy Popov Bangs Out His Kitchen Masterpieces

Known for his custom kitchen knives, here are the tools Dmitriy Popov relies upon to craft his creations. "I am not going to score any...
leaf springs for the rocker arm a power hammer.

How To Build An Appalachian Spring Helve Hammer

The Appalachian spring helve hammer, including springs, hammer head/tup and more

D.I.Y. Power Hammer Parts: Scrapping Together Your Project

So, you're going to build a power hammer... now's the time to consider where to get your parts. Figure out your hammer, anvil and more.

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