Franco de Souza CSA Bowie

Latin America’s Elite Knife Crafters: Custom Blades and Their Makers

The knifemakers of Argentina and Brazil have revolutionized the world of cut.
CRKT BOT Deadbolt

Factory Drops: New Knives Hitting The Market This Spring

Five knives fit for EDC to the outdoors.
bob cargill obit

Bob Cargill Knifemaker, Company Founder And NKCA BOD President Passes

Cargill's impacted the knife industry in nearly every facet.
Blade shaping

Knife Blade Repair: Bringing Old Blades Back To Life

Practice the proper steps with the proper equipment and, most important, be safe and knife blade repair is a snap. I have been fortunate enough...
Benchmade Crooked River Clip-Point Knife

Best Clip-Point Knife: Picking The Sharpest Of This Classic Profile

Classic and competent, no wonder why the clip-point knife remains among the most popular designs. Clip-point blades are one of the most common profiles you...
GiantMouse Kitchen Knives set

GiantMouse Kitchen Knives: Cooking Up Something New

GiantMouse takes a stab at the culinary world with a kitchen knife line.
Reproduction Foxworth Bowie

Huber Foxworth Bowie: The Men Behind The Blade

The men behind the Huber Foxworth Bowie are as captivating as the knife itself
Splitting wood with the fixed blade

Sarge Knives TK Retro Review: Throwback Bushcraft

Sarge Knives TK Retro Review certainly has the throwback looks, but we put it through the wringer to its performance is up to snuff.

Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener Released

The Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener is upgraded to ensure the utmost consistancy and sharpness.
Atlatl Thrower

How To Make An Atlatl

Learn how to make and use an atlatl, a useful and ancient hunting tool that still useful in modern-day bushcrafting.
Blackie Collins Blade Hall of Fame

Walter “Blackie” Collins: Applying The Edge To BLADE Magazine

Walter "Blackie" Collins founded The American Blade in the early 1970s, laying the foundation for what BLADE Magazine is today.
Vintage Nakiri Knife

Best Nakiri Knife: What To Know About This Japanese Kitchen Classic

Have vegetables that need knocked down to size? Get chopping with the Nakiri. The Japanese people have historically produced excellent knives specialized for dedicated tasks....

Antique Switchblades: World War II And Beyond

Harking back to American military glory and post-war prosperity, antique switchblades from the 1940s and 1950 have enduring appeal.

YouTube Censorship: Losing The Battle For 1A & 2A

YouTube makes another push to ban firearms from their platform. Why is it happening? What can we do about it?

Choosing The Best Throwing Knife Buyer’s Guide

Want to know what steel to fling and what at? We break down how to choose the best throwing knife and targets for high-flying fun.

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