john bartlow custom knifemaker

Why is CPM-154 So Popular with Custom Knifemakers?

CPM-154 stainless steel continues to dominate the custom knifemaking scene. What makes it so appealing? Two knifemakers offer their reasons for this hot pick.
canada knife ban

Canadian Knife Retailer on Import Ban: Who Are We Protecting?

The owner of a knife retail store in Alberta, Canada, says that import restrictions on folding knives hurts not only her business, but also the ability of first responders to do their important work.

Learn the History of KA-BAR Knives with Video Series

Each Tuesday in April, KA-BAR will release a video documenting a piece of its storied 120-year history. What, you thought it started with the USMC knife in the '40s? You'd be wrong.
custom knife pricing

How to Price Custom Knives

Here's the formula for determining the sale price of a custom knife. These tips are useful for both custom knifemakers and knife collectors.
red skulls at night

Red Skulls at Night: New Bob Horrigan Fighter Repro Knife

Knifemaker Peter Pruyn reproduced John Horrigan’s Bob Horrigan Fighter as a present for his son. See specs and the photo here.
what is the best blade grind

What’s the Best Kind of Knife Grind?

The most popular knife grinds today are hollow, flat and convex. Which one is the best overall? And does edge geometry matter more than heat treating? A few renowned knifemakers give their opinions.
eli jensen custom knives

Knife Photos: 6 Fetching Custom Hunters

Check out these six custom hunting knives that bring an artistic touch to a hardworking, classic design.

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How to Forge Damascus