collecting antique knives

Knife Collecting: 12 Questions to Ask Before Starting Over

Is it time to start over with your knife collection? Read this before deciding whether to change the types of knives you collect.
daniel winkler bearded axe

An Axe with a Beard?

Beards and blades never went out of style, so it's only appropriate that an axe continue the tradition with a "beard" of its own.
belt grinder for knifemaking

Knifemaking: “Tricking Out” the Wilton Square Wheel Grinder

ABS master smith Ed Caffrey explains how to get the most out of a popular belt grinder for making knives, the Wilton Square Wheel Grinder.
James Bowie history

The Sea of Mud Knife: James Bowie’s Knife Found? Pt. 1

A bowie knife recovered from a "sea of mud" 160 years after the Battle of the Alamo has some wondering whether Jim Bowie's personal blade has finally been found.
best new maker blade show 2017

Knifemaker to Watch: Phil Jacob

Phil Jacob took home the Best New Maker award from BLADE Show 2017, which is as good as it gets for someone getting started in knifemaking. The achievement is also good news for knife collectors.
max evolution custom knife

10 New Knives for Collections and Everyday Carry

Here are 10 new knives, some factory and some custom, that are perfect for your collection or for carrying every day.
kirpan dagger example

When Knife Restrictions Collide with Religious Freedom

Restrictions on the public carry of knives can have an unintended consequence. Sikhs, who carry daggers called kirpans as part of their faith, are prohibited from openly practicing their religion.

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Knifemaking 101 – Read This Before You Make a Knife

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How to Forge Damascus