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Antique Switchblades: World War II And Beyond

Harking back to American military glory and post-war prosperity, antique switchblades from the 1940s and 1950 have enduring appeal.

YouTube Censorship: Losing The Battle For 1A & 2A

YouTube makes another push to ban firearms from their platform. Why is it happening? What can we do about it?

Choosing The Best Throwing Knife Buyer’s Guide

Want to know what steel to fling and what at? We break down how to choose the best throwing knife and targets for high-flying fun.

Best Benchmade Knife: What Are The Company’s Classics

An iconic knifemaker, Benchmade had earned the respect of discerning knife aficionados. Here are some of the best of what it has to offer.
Nick Bachtel studied 19th-century great Michael Price's work to create a faithful reproduction of a Price-style gentleman’s bowie.

Bachtel’s Bowie With A Pedigreed Background

A study of Michael Price's work, Nick Bachtel's reproduction gentleman bowie has the looks to wow. Bladesmith Nick Bachtel has parlayed his fascination with the knives of 19th-century...

D’souza Cerberus Review: Strong Showing Budget Blade

A budget option, the D’souza Cerberus punches above its price point.
Dive Knives

What To Know To Get The Best Dive Knife

A vital safety tool for underwater adventure, a solid dive knife is a must-have for your dive kit. Here's what you need to know to get the best one

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